“To Die For”, 2003, 6’40”, Single-channel SD video

TO DIE FOR, 2003, 6'40", Single-channel video
TO DIE FOR, “ Plurivocality / Istanbul Modern Museum,Turkey

“Das Boot” 2004
47x190x 90cm
Surf Board, iron legs, electric fan, scorch mark

Kocyigit’s “Das Boot,” (2004), a scratched, upturned surfboard, mounted on an ironing board stand is dedicated to Turkish mothers who spent their Sunday evenings ironing their children’s uniforms while watching the popular television series, Flamingo Road.

The first impression is of a domestic ironing scene but a second look shows that there is something amiss. A surfboard has been transformed to create an ironing board. The apparent domestic setting mirrors a maritime scene; the burnt iron mark resembles a boat sailing on the wavy sea, as the fan blows wind continuously.

UZUN EŞEK, 2003, 4'30", Single-channel SD video