"Blue Side Up"
"Bird Village" 2009, Exhibition View,“Istanbul traversée” PALAIS DES BEAUX ARTS DE LILLE

“Everything” 2009
Hand made crocheted letters, threads, bobbins


The work titled “Everything” (2009) includes the text “Everything you heard about Turkish men is true” embroidered and purled with lace. The perfunctoriness of the statement is no different then the prejudice it affirms. Koçyigit contrasts this with the slow production process of the lace women embroider over the course of months, representing the emotion, preferences and culture of the society it represents. Certain dichotomies and the tension that emerges from the state of uncertainty and unfinishedness evoked by these prevail in Koçyigit’s work, such as interacting with the settled and unsettling/displacing it—tradition and destruction; rich and poor; profit and
loss; feminine and virile; the inside and
the street. These double connotations
are rendered visual through the objects and instances the artist includes in his work.