Higher Education2006
280 x 400 cm (4 pieces, 100 x 280 cm each)
C-Print Plexi dibond

In his work, “Higher Education”, Kocyigit transforms the hiearchical structure of education into an ironic form by using literal language. This free-hand composition, formed by combining superimposed school desks and educational appliances over students is pregnant with associations of alignment, discipline, and schooling.

“Higher Educatıon”, designed and realized for the children’s biennial in the Netherlands in a primary school in Utrecht, is very symptomatic. The school desks piled on top of each other to form a pyramid is a classroom is inspired by a childhood memory of the artist where they used to put desks on top of one another to help with cleaning in primary school. In the photograph we see children sitting and studying at various steps of the pyramid. In the pyramid structure, reminiscent of a scaffold, a new formation has been created with the displaced desks positioned on top of one another. The pyramid created as a result of this shipshape session turned into some sort of game among the children, draws attention to the rapidly increasing world population, education turned into a privilege due to the high costs, class differences and the inequality in this sphere.

With its large-scale presentation, “Higher Education” also refers to the monumental, historic paintings of the previous centuries. The artist’s humorous take on the issue of education, presented at such a scale, shows his self-awareness of his role as an artist, making a social and social commentary.